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Solutions Design

Much more than simple creativity

Co-Incidence is a consulting firm with expertise in the field of Innovative Solution Design.

It is the first company to use Cognitive Design as a design approach – for strategies, organizational structure, operations, ways of working, and of course products and services.

For innovation, excellence in creativity is necessary but not sufficient. It is the alliance of a rigorous methodology and turbo-charged creativity that ensures the development of innovative solutions which perfectly coincide with our world’s needs.

This is what makes Co-Incidence unique: we develop solutions or concepts for companies convinced that excellence in design is the one best way to achieve their aspirations. Economically, ethically, societally, and sustainably.

A design method at the cutting edge of innovation

An unbeatable creative process

A team for a unique quality of service

The most powerful tools on the market

Our design method is the alpha and omega of design. It builds on classic design methods such as design thinking, but it allows us to find solutions that are at one with the system. This methodology is largely inspired by cognitive sciences and allows to solve wicked problems. Cognitive design is an approach with the aim of modeling and designing systems that are intelligent, adaptive, and stable. 

We deliver solutions that are not only unbeatable in terms of differentiation, but also in terms of innovation, and above all, that will perfectly coincide with your company’s ambitions, its people’s needs, and the requirements of their organizational environment. Beyond reaching excellence in creativity through sensibility, our methodology is based on artificial intelligence (AI), design thinking, cognitive sciences, organizational sociology, and phenomenology. 

Driven by excellence in our delivery and approach, we strive to provide the best experience to our clients. Excellence doesn’t only transpire through academic achievements and the quality of our deliverables. Providing a highly personalized and tailored experience is also what defines excellence. Our team is fully dedicated and available to ensure we provide such individualized experience to our clients.

Our approach distinguishes itself by its multidisciplinary nature. We draw from a wide variety of tools to bring you the optimal solutions. To best identify your needs and develop solutions that perfectly fit with the problems at hand, our team uses tools and knowledge at the cutting edge of multiple applied disciplines and practices such as optimization, strategy, management, and organization.

Where Co-Incidence stands out from other consulting firms:​

Exceptional consultant profiles

Co-Incidence consultants have profiles that are few and far between; they are all hand-picked and diligently on-boarded. They come from a variety of social and ethnic backgrounds, academic fields, and have graduated from top institutions. However, academic excellence and diversity of profiles isn’t enough. We also want all our consultants to be artists at heart.


Neuro AI

Co-Incidence develops advanced Neuro-AI systems rooted in embodied cognition, harmonizing with organizational dimensions and delivering innovative, easily implementable solutions.

A Management based on real creativity

A rigorous way of life revolving around creativity. At Co-Incidence, creativity is constantly put to the test. Unlike what is all too often the case in consulting practices, we do not rely on out-of-date tools, methods and processes, no longer fit for the complexity of the current business environment. Our consultants are constantly keeping up to date and on the lookout for new solutions.

A Haute Couture strategy

The consultants’ role is not only to find innovative solutions but also to make sure those solutions are tailor-made and coincide perfectly with the client’s needs, following our diamond design principles.

The Co-Incidence experience

We strive to deliver not only solutions but a real experience to our clients’ teams. We accompany them each step of the way, through which they experience and benefit from our differentiated approach.

Field of Mastery

Our job is to be able to understand very different fields, from sociological analysis to space security, from medicine to philosophy or from the reproductive system of plants to cosmetic design methods. Our only specializations are metasciences and design. Our work as investigators allows us to step back from symptoms and get to the heart of the problem.

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Rethinking remote working
Crime prediction for police department
Business model
Mesure happiness at work
Reorganize work for hospitality business
Digital Transformation for a veterinary group
Creating an AI painting in Basquiat's style
Green Cloud computing of tomorrow
Design cities where it feels good living
Design school exams for better student attention
How Aesthetic can make the world better
Intuitive knowledge center for bank company
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Blob 3
Perception, Cognition, Action
BlockChain in the art world
Digital Transformation for a veterinary group
Mesure Happiness at work
Business model
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About Cognitive Design©

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Cognitive design is an approach developed by Co-Incidence with the aim of modeling and designing systems that are intelligentadaptive and stable.


Cognitive design seeks to decompose a system into independent blocks (such as a cortex) while determining the essence of its body. Whether it is an organization, a strategy, a mechanism, or any other system. Our methodology allows us to approach any human construct or object as a cognitive system, with its different areas and processes.


This methodology draws from a variety of fields and brings them together, notably phenomenology, cognitive sciences, human-centered approach, strategy, organizational sociology, and linear algebra.

Perception, Cognition, Action, diagram

The problem is to find the real problem

Why returning to a phenomenological approach?

Phenomenological approach

There is no relation of reciprocity between pain points – be they performance issues in terms of speed, productivity, quality, innovation, cost, safety or disengagement – and their essential causes (the noumena). Pain points are the effect of phenomena that manifest their noumena. But one cannot infer directly the noumenon nor the phenomenon from the pain points.

When a solution is created to address pain points, this solution will interact in a certain way with its techno-organizational environment, the body will take on a topology that goes beyond human perception. But the effects of this topology will be at the origin of phenomena that will be perceptible. This is why it is crucial to identify the eidetic truth of the solution in order not to create solutions that would have a harmful impact on their environment and whose source cannot be discerned.

Neuro AI

General Cognitive Architecture 

Co-Incidence develops Neuro-AI systems based on embodied cognition to ensure optimal synergistic coupling between AI and organizations. Our expertise in AI and our experience in delivering innovative solutions ensure that our Neuro-AI meets the most intricate challenges our clients face. 


Our distinctive approach involves merging artificial neural networks with advanced machine learning algorithms, all rooted in the principles of embodied cognition. This means our Neuro-AI systems learn through interaction with their environment, acquire knowledge by autonomously engaging with the world around them. They continually seek to harmonize with their surroundings and shape themselves to uncover the real problem at the crossroad of the organization's different dimensions (operations, strategy, competition, tech, structure...). This enables our Neuro-AIs to generate solutions that are easy to incorporate, while addressing all the relevant dimensions of the business.


Cognition diagram

Quality of our deliverables

The fusion between content and form

We are committed to producing Aesthetic solutions, in the true sense of the word, that shine in the accuracy with which they respond to the problem, but also in the transmission of the solutions to their users. All our deliverables are ergonomically optimized for the human being, both in understanding and internalizing solutions.

Diamond design tehnologies

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